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Bach Linh Co

Our successful business is built on trust in the close relationship between suppliers and wholesalers with the sole aim to accommodate kitchens and homes with better choices of food and beverage every day and from that, we contribute to improving people living together

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Vietnamese Retailers Recognize Our Brands
About us About us

About us

We started out as a humble confectionery retail store located in the heart of Hanoi back in the 1990s, our commitment towards creating and nurturing strong customer and supplier relationships has attributed to our company’s reputation as one of the most trusted confectionery importer and wholesaler in the area, and gradually lead to the established of Bach Linh Co. in July 2007. After 14 years of operating, our organization’s history is highlighted by expansion, thanks to our driving commitment in bringing all the finest tastes to every corner in Vietnam; the constant support from our wholesaler partners; and the mutual trust built over time with many suppliers all over the world. In 2021, our brand visibility has broadened to almost every province, with showrooms allocated in every principal city, professional sale teams and a set of 1500+ carefully selected products from 100+ famous brands all over the world. We are proud to be recognized by thousands of GT and MT clients as the strongest confectionary importer and distributor in Vietnam.

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The origins of Lemeci originated from the Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye one of the Europe's most popular and most successful family factories of biscuits. Lemeci biscuits are made with rich, regional, traditional ingredients: butter, eggs, milk, flour, and sugar from Normandy. Customers choose our products because of the high quality and because of the choice of the recipes.

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